The annual Burning Man festival took place last month, and in the aftermath some 5,000 bicycles were left abandoned in the Nevada desert.

After the above post went viral, two strangers separately had brilliant ideas - send the bikes to hurricane victims!

Matthew Rockwell is the founder of start-up charity Disaster Hack. He took nearly 500 bikes to donate to Hurricane Harvey survivors in Houston.

Meg Kiihne used to live on Turks and Caicos and ran a bike shop there. She rented a truck and storage unit in Reno and recovered over 100 bikes to donate to survivors in the Caribbean.

If you happen to have an unused bike sitting around at home, you might consider donating it! State Cloud State University has a bike program, allowing students hands-on experience building, repairing and donating bikes. Full Cycle Bike Shop in Minneapolis is another Minnesota business that accepts bike donations.

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