I have been there so many times. I make a list of everything I want to get done in the new year and I usually make it to February and forget all about it. This year is going to be different! Here are some resolution planning tips that will help you stick to your guns!

Focus on one thing - A mile long list of things to do or change will never get done. Focus on just one task and you're much more likely to succeed!

Plan ahead and anticipate what problems might arise - If you know what obstacles you might face, figure out a way to beat them before they show up!

Pick a start date and go for it!- It could be the first of the year, it could be in May! As long as you have a solid date in mind, you are already on the right track.

Accept failure - If you fail, learn from the mistakes and improve from them next time!

Plan rewards for yourself - Once you lose that first five pounds, get yourself that shirt you were eyeing up at Express. Treat yourself for sticking to your goals!


Good luck with your 2017 resolutions!