Next week the United States is going to see a Total Solar Eclipse! The path of it will cut all the way across the country and here in St. Cloud we will see 82% of it, which is still pretty cool!

A lot of people have been buying special eclipse viewing glasses but I am not one to fork out money for something I am only going to use once in a lifetime. So I did a little research on what alternatives there were for looking at next weeks astronomical phenomenon and here is what I found!

  • Look at it through a welding mask or glasses: As long as they are shade number 14 or higher you will be able to watch the eclipse without damaging your eyes.
  • Make a pinhole projector: You need two pieces of card stock paper and a push pin for this. Lay one piece of paper on the ground, and poke a hole right in the middle of the other one. Turn your back to the sun while holding the pin hole paper and angle the sun so it shines through the hole and onto the paper on the ground
  • Make a shoe box solar eclipse viewer: Everyone has an old shoe box sitting around! Learn how to make this in the video below!

What other methods of looking at the solar eclipse have you found online? Let us know in the comments below!

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