A video captioned "How to Make a Canadian Paper Airplane," holds all the necessary elements for a Minnesota version of our own.

In it, a guy soaks a plain white tee shirt under running water at the kitchen sink. He then walks out into the frigid winter air and lays the tee shirt flat out on a deck. After letting it freeze for one minute, the guy then pries the shirt off the deck and begins to fold it, much like one would a paper airplane though with more force and strength. When he's done, the tee shirt resembles a paper plane, albeit larger and heavier. The guy then throws if off the deck, where it glides awkwardly before hitting the ground with a thud. The video ends with the guy laughing.

Then again, the plane isn't actually made of paper, nor does it really fly. So maybe we can't call it a Minnesota paper airplane after all. Still, you know you (or your kids!) are going to want to try this after watching it!

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