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If there's one thing I don't like, it's being lied to and I know I'm not alone. Sometimes it's difficult to tell when you're being lied to, but here are some key words and phrases that will give them away.

"I left at 6!"

That's nice. Where did you go afterward? If they did leave at 6 and go straight home, they would have said "I went home at 6." If they left at 6 and went somewhere else, they'll tell you they left at 6. When they say "left", it usually means that something happened in between where they were and home.

"I never _____________!"

If you ask a question and they say, "never" when a simple "no" will do, it's a sign of overcompensation. If you're asking your man "Did you check out that girl's chest?" and he says "Never!" It means he probably did. If you ask your kids "Were you throwing the ball inside the house?" and they say "Never!" It means they probably were. Same way with putting "would" in front of "never". "Did you break this lamp and not tell me?" "I would never do that!" Means they were doing it, or planned on doing it when you weren't looking.

"I didn't look at that woman"

If someone puts the word "that" in front of something, they're trying to distance themselves from whatever situation you're asking about. "I didn't look at that woman. I would never do that to you." Yeah. Right. It usually means that they did and they do it all the time. "I didn't take that money" usually means their pockets are lined and it came from your purse. It's a common trick of manipulators.

"Oh, and by the way..."

When you're listening to someone tell a story and they say "by the way" it's usually it's something that's relevant or important to the story. When a liar says "by the way" they're likely trying to minimize what happened or what they're about to say next, so pay close attention to what they say after "by the way" comes out of their mouth.

"Why would I do that?"

Because you're a sneaky snake lying liar and you're trying to stall for time. That's why. The phrase "Why would I do that" is a favorite stalling line of liars. When they ask, "Why would I do that?" They're trying to buy time to figure out what they're going to say next. Also watch out for "Are you calling me a liar?" "What kind of person do you think I am?" "I knew this was going to happen!" They're trying to turn it around and make you look like the villan.

How do you spot a liar?