My car was an icicle this morning. And not just a little bit of ice, like a solid quarter inch of the stuff coated ALL OVER THE CAR. It took me half an hour and 8 pitchers of hot water to get it all off my my windows, just so I could safely get to work this morning. But what I should have done was take my own advice from a couple months back. There is a magical window juice you can make that will make ice disappear from them!


In a spray bottle, mix one part water to two parts rubbing alcohol. Then just spritz it onto the iced out areas of your car! It's insane how well this works. I unfortunately used all my magic juice so I was fresh out this morning, but now I know I need to pick up more rubbing alcohol on my way home from work! Drive safe today, there are lots of slippery areas. And to stay up to date on all the weather related closings, click here!  

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