The Minnesota State Fair kicks off today and that means we are in for 12 days of waiting in lines! If you are a super impatient person and like to cut the line, first of all, just don't. If you want to do something or try a new food, wait in line like a decent human being. But if you absolutely must "cut in line" here are a few rules to follow.

  1. Don't try to be sneaky about it. People will notice and they will confront you. You are better off asking if you can cut them in line.
    1. Good time to use this tactic: If you are waiting for the bathroom and really have to go, then use this tactic.
  2.  If the line is for something super cool like getting into a Grandstand show or waiting for Sweet Martha's Cookies, don't budge. There are plenty of cookies to go around and chances are good you have a specific seat you are supposed to sit in at the show.
    1. Good time to use this tactic: Literally never.
  3. Excuses, excuses. A study done in the 70's found that you're more likely to be able to cut in line if you give an excuse, any excuse. Not sure if it still works in 2017 but you can try!
    1. Good time to use this tactic: If you have a small child and they won't stop begging for another funnel cake. Tell the people in line that the kid really needs a nap and will only take one if he/she gets a funnel cake
  4. Focus on the first person in line. They are the alpha. They have been in that line the longest and have the respect of the pack. If they say something is OK chances are no one will argue with them.
    1. Good time to use this tactic: The Giant Slide. No need to say more.
  5. Bribes work too. A study from 2006 found that people who offer to pay for a spot in line usually got it, and sometimes the people didn't even take the money, they just let the briber in!
    1. Good time to use this tactic: If you have deep pockets, anytime is a good time. Look for me, I will take your money and let you stand in front of me

Have fun at the Great Minnesota Get Together!


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