As of Thursday, March 22nd Mercury has been Retrograde*, meaning it moves in an opposite direction of Earth, and during this time things are known for being turned completely upside down. The phenomenon is set to last until April 15th, so how will we be affected by it for the next few weeks?


1. Nothing will go as planned. The retrograde is happening in an Aries sign making it even more cHaOTic. Aries are known for being impulsive and chaotic themselves, and with the retrograde happening during "Aries Season" it could cause you to have to make plan changes. Expect accidents to happen like sleeping through alarms or accidentally burning dinners. Brush it off and go with the flow, it'll make these next few weeks less stressful.

2. You'll say what's on your mind. Ever just blurt out the first thing that pops in your head? Even those of us with the best filters might find ourselves slipping up during this time. I like to call that letting your inner Aries out. Word vomit happens, just try to think extra before you speak these next three weeks.

3. Your past might resurface. Actually, it's pretty likely. This could be a good or bad thing. Over the weekend I was thinking about an old friend, and that person ended up sending me a random Snapchat of her dog. Or it could mean an ex trying to reach out. Why does this happen? No one really knows, but it could lead to the closure you need or the rekindling of a friendship!

So what signs are going to be most affected by all this? Aries of course, because it is their season. Aries are likely to feel unstoppable right now and might give off some bad vibes. Gemini are also set to feel the impact heavily, mainly in their social lives and relationships. The third sign that will feel it the most are Virgos, who might feel a financial strain at this time.

*A Mercury Retrograde is NOT an excuse to be a jerk to people. Be kind, and have fun blaming bad stuff on it like everyone else.

Another thing to blame on Mercury: the Fifth Harmony break-up!

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