Last year on Halloween, I saw so many people complaining on Facebook and Twitter about how teenagers were in their neighborhoods trick-or-treating without costumes. Some people were absolutely furious about it, stating that teens shouldn't be able to trick-or-treat anymore, they should be refused candy, or at the very least given a hard time about it.

Am I the only one sitting here wondering why the heck we get so butt hurt about teens who want to collect some free candy? Seriously! Why in the world should they be shamed for refusing to grow up too fast? I'd rather have teenagers in my neighborhood who want to run around collecting candy and trying to relive their childhood than teens who go to Halloween parties, drink alcohol because of peer pressure and dress up in costumes that are extremely inappropriate for their age.

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So, how is trick-or-treating bad for them, again? I don't understand the frustration about giving a few Snickers and Kit Kats to teens who are just trying to be good kids and have a little fun. We all need a serious reality check if that's what's going to tick us off.

Last year, we gave an extra handful of candy to the teenagers in our neighborhood because we wanted to reward them for making good choices. Teens now-a-days grow up way too fast, so who are we to push them out of their childhood even faster. Leave the teens alone. Is it really going to kill you to give them a few Milky Ways?

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