A pair of stepsisters are being shamed on Reddit for cruel behavior after they allegedly forced their non-biological sister to sleep on the floor of their hotel room while traveling for their grandfather's funeral.

To make things right, the teenage girl's father booked a hotel room exclusively for his biological daughter, but his wife — the teen's stepmother — was furious.

The man's blended family consists of his wife, Candace; his daughter Shiloh, 16; and his stepdaughters, who are 17 and 19, respectively.

The entire family recently traveled to the man's hometown to attend his father's funeral. He booked two hotel rooms for one night en route home. Around 11PM, the man received a phone call from Shiloh, who sounded like she was crying.

"She was arguing with her stepsisters. I asked what the matter was, and she told me that her stepsisters insisted that she sleep on the floor," he wrote on Reddit, adding that the large bed in the girls' hotel room was large enough for the teens to comfortably share.

When he went to their room to check on Shiloh, his stepdaughters attempted to shrug off the situation.

"They kept talking but didn't really explain why they told her to sleep on the floor," he wrote, sharing that they claimed it was "better" and "more comfortable this way."

That's when the dad took matters into his own hands and told his daughter to gather her belongings.

"When one of my stepdaughters asked where we were going, I told her I was booking her a hotel room. Both looked upset but didn't say anything ... They must've called their mom because she was awake when I got back and started arguing with me about giving Shiloh an entire hotel room for herself," he continued, adding when he explained what had happened to his wife, she said he had "wasted money and that Shiloh could've sucked it up for one night on the floor."

Now, the man's stepdaughters are upset and not speaking to him, while his wife says he is "playing favorites."

In the comments section, Reddit users slammed the stepsisters and backed the man's solution.

"Your stepdaughters were trying to live up to the Disney depiction of stepsisters and were shocked when they couldn't just bully her into getting what they want. What's extra gross is that they did it when coming back from her grandparent's funeral. Talk about cruel," one user commented.

"The stepsisters got what they wanted but were upset that the person who they took advantage of was accommodated," someone else wrote.

"Even if there had been three beds, I think there's no scenario with them unsupervised in the same room they wouldn't have found a way to make her miserable," another pointed out.

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