LINCOLN -- This week in our Home Town Spotlight series we head up north to Lincoln Minnesota, for a tall tale at 2 Tall Tavern.

Originally called the Hitchin Rail, Owner John Brichacek bought the business back in October. Standing at 6' 8" tall himself, Brichacek thought he use his height to put his own twist on the place.

"Throughout my entire life everyone's like, you're too tall for this or too tall for that. A couple of friends of mine were going back and forth on a name for this place and kept going back to 2 Tall Tavern."

With the new name and adventure beginning, Brichacek completely gutted the place breathing new life into the building.

"I built all new granite tables, renovated the kitchen, built a new waitress station, added a walk in cooler. Every week people come in an are excited to see the new changes."

Being tucked away in a small town, 2 Tall Tavern has quickly become a local hot spot. However you can't really capture the 2 Tall experience until you grab a photo with Brichacek at his unique self station.

"I've had hundreds of pictures taken next to that ruler. I've had all the way from little babies propped up next to it, to people taller than me stand for a picture."

Brichacek says the bar has completely blown away his expectations and credits his hard work, exceptional staff and loyal customers for taking the business to new heights.

(Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)
(Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)

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