The Holdingford School District is asking parents to be kind as the State of Minnesota announces plans on Thursday, July 30 for restarting the upcoming school year.

The Holdingford Public Schools Facebook account shared a message with parents and the community last night.They wrote, "We're on the eve of announcements regarding possibilities that could exist for schools throughout Minnesota."

It's been a polarizing topic in the community lately. Some residents feel students should not be going back to school this fall in the midst of the pandemic whereas some people think heading back is a great option.

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The district went on to say, "Regardless of what is said tomorrow (Thursday) & the coming days from our elected officials...please be nice to each other."

The post has gained dozens of reactions, shares and comments from people in the community.

I think they're spot on. It's sometimes hard to remember that the faculty and staff in your local school districts are not the ones making the decisions. No matter what happens, remember that your local districts are just doing the best they can with the orders they're given.

Holdingford will release detailed plans for what the upcoming school year will look like for them a few days after today's announcement. They need some time to get all of the details in order once the official announcement is made by the state.

The district also reminded parents, "We need a lot more nice right now. A. Lot. Our kids are watching us."

Our kids are studying our behavior whether we realize it or not. How we react is definitely going to set the tone for how they feel about their school year. The pandemic has already been hard enough on them. Regardless of what happens, let's get kids excited to learn, no matter what that will look like this year.

Thanks for the reminder, Holdingford.

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