This guy had a really great experience!

Online reviews can often be polarizing -- describing the best or worst of an experience, attraction, product or otherwise.

One online review left on Google of the St. Cloud Police Department reveals one incredibly polite, surprisingly positive and unexpectedly hilarious experience.

"Great guys, very Polite and Fairly gentle while cuffing me," the review begins. "The back of the police car was very spacious, I had more than enough room. No music but I guess I can’t complain too much. I definitely suggest getting arrested by these guys. Overall I’d say a well earned 4 stars. They really are true professionals."

Jake Pelzer via Google

The review -- left four months ago -- was written by a Jake Pelzer of Foley, who we tracked down for follow up comments. He was arrested, he confirmed, though we didn't ask why. The review was a joke. We asked him what would have made his experience 5-star.

"Bottle of water. The aux cord or a selection of music. Maybe some complimentary gum or something. Breath mints. Also, The heat was about 68 degrees and I’m more of a 71 degree kind of guy."

Sounds like the St. Cloud PD should partner with Uber or Lyft...?