A few weeks back I featured a Minnesota construction worker who was taking TikTok by storm with his hilarious, literal interpretations of Minnesota cities.

For examples, Maplewood was portrayed by pouring maple syrup over a stick. Now, the funnyman known as Extreme Sandbox on TikTok is back with another video as entertaining as his four previous.

"Hey! What's this?" he asks the camera, holding up a cowbell.

"It's a bell," answers his buddy behind the camera.

"Yeah, and what's this?" he asks, holding up a toy plane.

"It's a plane," answers his buddy.

"Belle Plaine!" jokes the punster, referring to the city southwest of Minneapolis.

"Oh, gosh! Don't leave me, don't leave me!" calls out the cameraman, following the TikTok sensation to his next pun.

The puns are part of an ongoing "Take Me With You Challenge" which sees one person making puns and another (usually handling the camera) calling out "take me with you!"  Extreme Sandbox's TikTok bio reads "Big Kid. Big Iron. Big Fun." and most of his videos take place on construction sites. His first #TakeMeWithYou video has earned over 554k views, and he currently has nearly 140k followers. His most popular video to date with nearly 674k views recognizes the incredible women who work in construction.

Check out more videos from Extreme Sandbox on TikTok here.

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