If you are married to, or in a relationship with, a guy who loves fantasy football - you probably already know that the season is upon us.

Which means, you know that you are going to get only about 60-70% of the attention that you are accustomed to, in the upcoming months.  But don't let his passion for football ever make you unimportant.  You are very important.

But for each of the next 16 Sundays - his starting line-up is more important.

And you have to give him that, because he is trying to build a championship team.  He is trying to dominate his league - which is probably made up of; close friends, family, and/or co-workers.

Also remember, if your guy is a Vikings fan - last year stunk, and most people don't expect this season to be much better.  When the real team a guy loves is bad - his fantasy teams become all that much more important to him.  And there's a good reason you should be supportive.

There is usually a pretty good some of money involved in most fantasy football leagues nowadays.  Oh yeah - he's playing for championship, and for bragging rights - but he's also in it for the money!  And there's nothing wrong with that.

Because as all women know, when we get money, you get money.

So support his team, his craziness, his players, and his passion.  Fantasy football season is only four months long....wow, that is 1/3 of the year.

OK, don't look at it that way.  Instead think," When football season is over, I own his butt for eight straight months!"

That sounds a lot better, right?