If you've been to Crossroads Center lately, you've probably noticed a giant school bus hanging out between Hollister and the former DQ location.

My two-year-old asked if he could go inside the bus and I had to explain why he couldn't. He asked me why the bus was in there...and, to be honest, I had no idea. I figured it was probably some kind of campaign to hire bus drivers. So, I looked it up. I was totally wrong.

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It's actually an annual school supplies drive for the Boys and Girls Club of Central Minnesota! The six week campaign launched a few weeks ago and runs now through August 23. If you would like to donate to the drive, all you need to do is bring your school supply donation to the bus located in the mall.

They're looking for all kinds of school supply donations including paper, scissors, glue, rulers, crayons, notebooks, pencils and more. Basically, they're in need of all of the typical school supplies.

They also have a great need for less commonly donated supplies including; backpacks,  scientific calculators, tissues, disinfectant wipes and more for the year ahead. These supplies will help families in need throughout central Minnesota who have fallen on tough times.

The Boys and Girls Club is also taking monetary donations. You can submit your donation online, with a minimum donation of $5.

Let's all stuff bus and help the Boys and Girls Club have the best school year they can.

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