I remember how awkward it was buying a gift for someone you've just started dating...you haven't established whether you're buying gifts for each other, or even if you're celebrating the holiday. It was weird and that's why there's a lot of people who break up right before Valentine's Day. If you're scrambling to figure out what to get your sweetie for Valentine's Day, let this list navigate you on your path to love.


Stuffed animal or flowers--This is the perfect gift for a new relationship. Flowers don't last forever...and you're not sure yet if your relationship will last either. Stuffed animals are cute and don't say 'marry me today and have my babies tomorrow.' So, you're pretty safe.

Jewelry--If you're giving a lady jewelry, you're serious about her. Or, at least that's the message you're sending her. If you're not too sure about the relationship yet, then my goodness, man, DON'T GET HER JEWELRY.

Weekend getaway--This works two ways...either you're a married couple with kids and you want to rekindle the spark...or, you're planning on getting engaged. If you plan an elaborate weekend away and you're not engaged yet, your sweetheart will be thinking there's an engagement coming the whole weekend. Don't let her down.

Dinner--You're married! Gifting your sweetie with a night away from the kids and the kitchen is nice. Plus, spending quality time together talking is priceless. This could also mean you're casually dating.

Home cooked dinner--it's an endearing gift, especially if you're a new married couple. This gift says 'I want to take care of you.' You might be a bad cook, but don't let that stop you. It's the effort that counts.

Card/love note--This is a timeless gift you give to your wife to remind her of all of the beautiful things you love about her. She'll save these treasures forever. Someday your children and grandchildren will go through them and fall in love with the love you have for each other. Your love letters become your love legacy.

Chocolates--This gift is great for everyone. They should be given out with every gift. Who doesn't appreciate chocolate? If your'e single this Valentine's Day, gift these to yourself. People (not sure who) say chocolate mimics the feeling of love.

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