If you see purple pumpkins in your neighbor's windows and on their front steps this year, it's not just a festive decoration. Purple pumpkins have taken on a new meaning for trick-or-treaters this year.

Many families across the state of Minnesota have been wondering what Halloween might look like for kids this year considering we're in a global pandemic. Many people still aren't comfortable getting back to normal yet.

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On my own neighborhood Facebook page, I've seen people conversing about their own game plans for Halloween.

Typically, when someone is passing out candy on Halloween night, you'll know it because they'll leave their yard lights on. That's always been how we knew which homes to stop at when we were kids.

While that's still true, people are taking things a step further this year and they're displaying purple pumpkins in their windows.

The purple pumpkins will be displayed in homes of people who have been practicing social distancing, sanitizing surfaces, wearing masks, etc. It's supposed to let worried parents know which homes are less of a 'risk' for contracting the corona virus.

If you want to participate, according to Taste of Home, you'll need to paint a pumpkin purple and make sure to display it in a very prominent spot for trick-or-treaters.

If you don't want to paint an entire pumpkin purple, you could color a purple pumpkin picture and display it in your window as well.

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