I'm not going to sugar coat this for anyone, it's freezing cold here in Minnesota. It's so cold, in fact, yesterday it was colder in Minnesota than the North Pole. I'm not messing with you, it's a fact.

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So, if you've had it with the cold weather and you're planning to take a flight out of here for awhile, we did some digging. We decided to find the warmest location on the planet right now, today.

If you're looking to catch some heat, according to WeatherUnderground.Com,  you'll have to travel to Nadi or Suva, Fiji. It's expected to be 88 degrees there today, according to Weather.Com. For some reason, I thought the hottest place on the planet would be a little hotter than that. I mean, July in Minnesota is hotter than that. You'd think Fiji, even in the winter, would be like a million degrees. But, no.

Plus, even if you wanted to, you wouldn't be allowed into Fiji today. There are travel restrictions. According to Kayak.Com, 'Fiji has restricted entry of all foreign nationals who are not residents." Darn.

It's ok, you wouldn't want to go there today anyways. According to Weather.com, they're expecting thunderstorms all day long.

However, you could travel to the warmest place in the United States today. Weather.Com is expecting Miami, Florida's high temperature to be somewhere around 80 degrees and mostly today. It's definitely a shorter and cheaper flight than Fiji.

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