I had a college professor who once said that local elections are far more important than presidential elections. Whether that's true or not, I don't know. But, who you vote for on November 6, 2018 will have the decision making power to effect your daily life at a local level. So, it's very important to educate yourself on the candidates who are running for the open seats.

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First, in order to even be eligible to vote you must meet four criteria. You need to be a United States citizen, be at least 18 years old on Election Day, be a Minnesota resident for 20 days and you must be finished with all parts of any felony sentence.

You have two options. You can either pre-register to vote which will speed up the voting process on Election Day, or you can register in person at your polling place.

Alright, so you're registered to vote...now what? It's important to know what you're voting on.

All Minnesota voters will have these races on their ballot:

  • U.S. Senator
  • U.S. Senator (special election)
  • U.S. Representative
  • Governor & Lt. Governor
  • Secretary of State
  • State Auditor
  • Attorney General
  • State Representative
  • Judicial offices

Voters may have one or more of these races on their ballot:

  • County Officers
  • City Officers
  • School Board Members
  • Township Officers
  • Hospital Board Members
  • Park Board District Members
  • Local ballot questions

Now that you know what's on the ballot and you're registered to vote, it's important to know where you need to go to vote. It's different based on the county and block you live on.


There are many opportunities to volunteer on the election committee. You can even apply to be an election judge.

With less than a month until Election Day, it's time to start getting to know your candidates. Happy voting, Minnesota!

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