UNDATED -- As the rest of the snow melts away, it's a wake-up call for ticks to emerge from their winter slumber. And, health officials are reminding you to take precautions against the disease-carrying pests.

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Elizabeth Schiffman is the Vectorborne Disease Unit Supervisor for the Minnesota Department of Health. She says wearing a repellent like DEET or permethrin can help you avoid dangerous diseases like Lyme Disease and Anaplasmosis.

Schiffman says the tick season peaks sometime around late May and into June when there are both adult ticks and immature nymph ticks. She says adult ticks that survived the winter are emerging now as the temperature climbs into the 40s.

Always be sure to check yourself for ticks after returning from the woods or tall grassy areas.

For more information on ticks and the diseases they carry, check out the Minnesota Department of Health's website.


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