ST. PAUL -- Health care workers around the state are asking Minnesotans to follow compliance when it comes to controlling the spread of COVID-19.

Kelly Anaas is an ICU Nurse at Abbot Northwestern. She says this disease is not a joke and health care workers are asking they community to take this seriously again.

Nurses have long been one of the most trusted professions in our country. So Minnesota, law makers, mask wearers and COVID deniers, I'm hear to say you need to believe nurses and trust what we are asking for in support so we can best serve our patients.

Anaas says many health care workers are either ill and/or quarantined with is causing staffing shortages.

She says health care workers are overwhelmed and exhausted by the strain the recent surge is causing and further restrictions are needed.

Given the wide community spread of this virus, we need further limitations on visitors into the hospitals, we need supplies of PPE to be available to hospitals first, we need increased availability of rapid testing for health care staff. If professional athletes can have access to this then it's possible, it's a matter of prioritizing our resources.

For the third straight day, Minnesota has recorded over 7,000 new cases of the coronavirus.

Governor Tim Walz says the rate of COVID infection in Minnesota is among the worst in the world and further restrictions are needed if things don't change.

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