We were away from the St. Cloud area for about 10 years.  Occupational hazard of the radio biz.  When we came back, some of our friends introduced us to the game of Carbles.  I had never heard of it before.  But it kind of reminded me of the game Aggravation.  That, mixed with the game Sorry and maybe a little Chinese Checkers (can you even say that anymore?)

Anyway, we asked where the game came from, and we were told it originated out of Freeport, Minnesota.

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I did some research and I can't find that info anywhere, but I did find that there are several places to buy a Carbles board, one of which is the Amish Toy Box, and it is also called Marble Chase.

There is also a patent on the game filed by someone here in Minnesota.  But Freeport?  Maybe.  That info isn't given.

If you haven't jumped in on this craze, you are missing out.  There are the basic rules, but they seem to be altered depending on who you are playing with. Some people have developed some variations of rules, but the same basic rules apply no matter who you are playing with, and some of them make a lot of sense.  I have never played a game where people are always asking "so, how do you guys play?" Usually there are rules, and those are the rules. Period.

Since I couldn't find the info on the Freeport connection, anyone have some information on that part of this game? By the way, it's a lot of fun no matter what "rules" you play by.

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