Today is arguably the best fake holiday of them all, National Mac n' Cheese Day! Mac n' Cheese is my favorite thing in the world, it was the main course for my high school graduation party, it will be served at my wedding, and if there isn't any of it in the church basement after my funeral I will haunt you all!

The best part about Mac n' Cheese is that it is completely customize-able. Want to add multiple cheeses in it? Do it! Want to serve a chicken breast on top of it? Go for it! Mix in some veggies to make it healthy? No way I am doing that, but more power to you!

I think the best bowl of Mac I had was last year at the State Fair. The food building was serving Mac n' Cheese Curds, cavatappi noodles with a rich cheese sauce, and big chunks of fresh cheese curds mixed in. I still have dreams about it...

What is your favorite Mac n' Cheese topping or mix in? Vote in the poll below!

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