Some things were just meant to be.

It was on this day in 1979, that the world was introduced to ESPN - the "entertainment and sports programming network".  And for a lot of us guys, life has been a million times better, ever since.

We are spoiled nowadays.  You can turn to ESPN right now, and get a complete list of all major sporting events for today, with start times, venues, injury updates, etc.  Heck, they've even got all of this weekend's football match-ups for you, college and pro.  ESPN is clearly the leader in sports, and not just in the U.S.  ESPN is broadcast "live" in 12 different countries - and ESPN Deportes has become the largest, and most popular network in all of Latino television throughout the world.  There is also now, an ESPN2, ESPN3, and ESPNNews.

ESPN was not always so high and mighty, though.  I remember the early days.

Do you remember when they first started "Big Monday"?  It was 2 college basketball games, both on the East Coast, every Monday night.  That was the extent of their college basketball coverage.  Now during hoops season - you can watch several games every day - and get tons of highlights from other games.

Do you remember "Australian Rules Football"?  ESPN used to show these games all the time - this sport is a cross between football, rugby, soccer, and smear the queer - but I used to watch religiously, anyway.

ESPN was also the first place that you could watch just about every round of the Little League World Series - which, to a true baseball fan, is just as much fun as a big league game.

And who will ever forget watching the annual Spelling Bee from Washington D.C.?  Can you spell ANY of those words?  No, and I can't either.  But isn't it funny how the kids that win those, always have parents that are not American.  Those kids are pretty darn smart!

And did you ever see Scholastic Sports America?  If you didn't, that is where the nation got it's first look at several future superstars like; Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Joe Mauer, Emmitt Smith, Peyton Manning, and countless others.

Now we look to ESPN for everything important in the world of sports.  ESPN now shows live action from all major sports; the NFL, NBA, NHL, and Major League Baseball.  ESPN is an absolute "must", for anyone that loves football season, or that plays fantasy football.

Happy Birthday ESPN - and thanks for all of those hours, days, months, and years, that we've spent together.  As long as I've got my Sportscenter, and my dogs and cats, I don't have to worry about becoming a lonely, old man.

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