MmmHops, ba du ba dop . . .

Now that we just remixed some Hanson, let's get up to date on what's going on with the brothers. It was rumored in 2011 that Issac, Taylor, and Zac were brewing some ideas . . .

"A branded HANSON IPA beer concept is in the works under the moniker 'MmmHops.'"

Fast forward to last night's after party for Hangover III, the Hanson brothers successfully debuted MmmHops Pale Ale.


Craft beers are the new hot thing!! The brothers teamed up with their hometown brewery, Mustang Brewing, and now you can have a hangover with Hanson. Well, not yet anyway. The beer supplied on Monday night was just samples. They were in the brewery last week putting the final touches on their product, so hopefully the MmmHops will be in stores soon.

You can sign up for updates on MmmHops here. I would be curious to try the beer myself. I am an equal opportunity beer sampler. Drink responsibly!

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