Halsey and Lauren Jauregui are fighters, not lovers, in the tension-ridden (and long, long anticipated) music video for "Strangers," the two pop star's 1980s synth-laden collaboration off Halsey's 2017 sophomore album, hopeless fountain kingdom.

In the cinematic clip released Tuesday (June 20), Halsey plays Luna, a professional boxer set in a match against Jauregui's fierce Rosa. As the two women battle it out in the ring, however, it's hinted through a series of stolen glances and regretful downcast eyes that the pair were perhaps once more than just competitors.

By the end, both women are bloodied, bruises and heartbroken, but only one comes out victorious. Watch:

Initially released as a promotional track off hopeless fountain kingdom, Halsey dropped the Greg Kurstin-produced "Strangers" on May 26, 2017. The New Jersey-bred artist confirmed that "Strangers" would receive a music video nearly an entire year ago, back in early July 2017.

Jauregui recently joined Halsey as an opener on the Latin America leg of her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom World Tour, where they performed "Strangers" live onstage.

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