Halsey just let us all in on a little secret.

Back in 2015, the "Without Me" singer would "hack" her fans' Twitter accounts and tweet out messages to their followers. Of course, she wasn't actually invading anyone's privacy because her fans would voluntarily send her their passwords via DM.

She reminisced about this time in her life in a tweet posted today (Jan. 21), writing, “I just remembered in 2015 when fans would dm me their passwords and I would 'hack' their accounts and tweet from them. “hey guys it’s halsey on jamies account :]”

The irony here is that hackers often hack people's accounts for the wrong reasons (and celebrities are usually very unhappy about it), but Halsey just did it to have some fun. Now, fans are even begging her to start doing it again!

It's unclear if she will, but Twitter is 100% down with it.

You can hack our account anytime, Halsey!

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