I can't wait to try this. I have often wondered as I'm plowing my driveway for the 4th time in a day, how to avoid getting plowed back in when I get home from work.

Warroad Municipal Utilities/Facebook
Warroad Municipal Utilities/Facebook

I understand that our snowplows do a great job of clearing our roads and I'm incredibly appreciative of that. However, I've thought to myself...there has to be a way to make this easier on the 2nd and third time for me and others in a day? I don't have that much time to replow myself out again.

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Thanks to Warroad's Utility Department, I may have just found a way to make my shoveling duties a little less hectic.

The Warroad Utility Department put this diagram up on their Facebook page, to show shovelers everywhere how to avoid that 'Second Shovel.'

By shoveling in the direction of traffic, I need to clear the area on the right of my driveway and place that snow on the other side, further up in my yard, so that the snowplows don't hit that snow a second time. It's going to be a bit tricky for me, as I have a car that needs to park directly in front of that area, but if I do a little extra work I think I can make it happen.


If this year is anything like in the past, I may have a mailbox buried under 5 feet of snow pretty soon. So they suggest removing the snow from behind and around my mailbox as well, so when the plow does come through, I don't end up with that big ice wall that's impossible to tear down.

I'm pretty excited to have this diagram, and I may just get out the ol' snow plow today and show the diagram to everyone in my house today, so we are all prepared to plow it the same way, whoever ends up on snow duty that day. Hope this helps you as well.


I'd love to see a picture of your plowed driveway! Try it out and let us know how it works for you, and I'll do the same.  Send your photos using our App!


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