My brother-in-law is getting married this weekend and I'm super excited for him and his new wife. I found a cute pink dress for the occasion. I realized I was in desperate need of a spray tan because I've been, you know--Minnesota winters, man...

To be perfectly honest, I've only had a spray tan three times in my life including yesterday. I went to the tanning salon fully expecting to come out looking like a Kardashian.


That's not what happened. I didn't do it right so my tan was really uneven. Yes, I've already admitted that I'm a newbie. So, the person working yesterday told me to go into the machine again.

So, I waited a few hours, went back and went into the machine again. Let's just say, I came out looking like a California Raisin. I was burnt orange color. The woman assured me that it was gonna look pretty dark and a little bad for a few hours until I took a shower to wash most of the shades off...and she was right. It looked bad.

I took a photo of my orange tan and sent it to my siblings in our group chat. My brother thought it was a new Snap Chat filter. Nope, it was my spray tan. To make a long story short...I've learned a few tricks for next time I do a spray tan that I thought I'd share with you.

1. Ask questions. Don't feel like you're supposed to just know what to do.
2. Ask more questions after you've asked your first questions.
3. GLOB on lotion to your hands and liberal with it.
4. Follow the machine's directions...don't question it, just do it.
5. Wash your hands and feet immediately so you don't get orange build up. My hands and feet look stained today.
6. Avoid any sort of water or liquid for 6-8 hours. I spilled water on myself when I was sipping on my water bottle last can still see the streak.
7. Don't get a spray tan for the first time before a big life event...

I'll admit, my tan looks WAY better today after I showered...and it's not the salon's fault it went so's my own fault. Now, I know what not to do next time.

orange 2

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