I can't be the only person whose jaw dropped to the floor when I realized that Groundhog's Day was this weekend. I've been living in the polar vortex this week and it feels like my world has finally started turning again.

So, yes, Groundhog's Day is Saturday--celebrated each year on Feb. 2! What are the chances that Punxsutawney Phil actually gets the weather right? The short answer...not good. It's a fun tradition but in the words of my high school psychology teacher, "correlation is not causation."


According to Live Science, the groundhog has only been right about 47 percent of the time. In 120+ years of predicting the end of winter, he only predicted and early spring 15 times...and he was only right 7 of those times.

So, for the folks that are bad at math, it would be more accurate to flip a coin and let that outcome predict the weather. Sorry, Phil, it's not a dig on you.

Will Minnesotans have to go through six more weeks of winter? Let me go flip a coin.

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