Why can't we just eat normal things? Do we really need to eat lam testicles and seal? Thanks to Thrillist for shining the light on the grossest foods that people love in every state. Here's some of the highlights from the list.

1. Akutaq in Alaska. That's "Eskimo Ice Cream" . . . but not delicious Eskimo Pies. It's a mix of seal and other animal fats, with berries, and sometimes sugar and milk.

2. New Haven Clam Pie in Connecticut. That's pizza with clams and white sauce.

3. Lamb fries in Kentucky. Those are deep-fried lamb testicles.

4. Koolickle in Mississippi. That's a pickle soaked in Kool-Aid.

5. Cincinnati Chili Five-Way in Ohio. It's spaghetti with chili instead of red sauce, plus cheese, beans, and onions on top.

6. Chop Suey Sandwich in Rhode Island. They put chop suey between two hamburger buns.

7. Minnesotans LOVE their "Pickle Dog" at State Fair time. This is a lone dill pickle covered in loose, messy sauerkraut, drenched in Thousand Island dressing, and wrapped in a thick-cut slice of roast beef.

Read more at Thrillist.com. **click link to see all the states picks.

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