WAITE PARK -- As the GREAT Theatre Board of Directors begin their search for a new Executive Director, Lacey Schirmers has been appointed as interim director.

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Board President Cassie Miles says Schirmers, along with the entire staff, have really stepped up in making sure the arts continue to thrive in the community.

They've stepped up to take over a lot of the work Dennis had been doing, and not only that, they have grand ideas of their own that are really attainable and they community will get excited about.

Schirmers has been serving as managing director for GREAT. Miles says Schirmers has been in a leadership role for a long time and has worked closely with Whipple over the years.

As far as the search for a new executive director, Miles says the job has not formally been posted yet as the Board wants to make sure they do their due diligence.

We're really taking inventory of the leadership skills we have currently, evaluating and assessing we have at our disposal at the board level, and trying to understand how we can hire a new Executive Director into a really big role. So we have to be really thoughtful with this process.

Miles says they due plan to cast a wide net in their hiring search, and no formal timeline on when they hope to fill the position has been announced.

Whipple had been with GREAT for 25-years before announcing he accepted a new job in New York.


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