"Proud of rural Minnesota for having a nice breastfeeding spot at a county fair!" shared one reddit user over the weekend.

"Clean, cool, and provided some supplies!"

A photo posted to the MInnesota thread of reddit shows a "Lactation Station" tent for breastfeeding mothers at the Grant County Fair in Herman, MN.

beckitup via reddit

Comments show enthusiasm and support for the idea:

"Awesome for the ladies who need a bit of privacy for a let-down! So good to see a spot to feed the babies!💖"

"Plus shade, so you're not dying of heat from skin to skin contact with baby! I mostly can nurse anywhere, but having a cool and comfortable spot is definitely a huge plus."

"That's a great idea! I love that they gave it a clever name too."

What do you think? Would you like to see more lactation stations or breastfeeding tents at public events and spaces?

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