We’ve heard enough about Rachel’s two dads in three seasons of ‘Glee‘ that it’s beyond time to meet them ‘face to face,’ so to speak. Apparently, we won’t be waiting much longer. The pair will make their debut in the upcoming ‘Heart’ Valentine’s Day episode!

According to Huffington Post, the New Directions star’s gay dads will be hosting a special timely dinner party, and we can’t help but agree with their prediction that Rach’s new hubby-to-be Finn will likely be in attendance. First time to meet the pops and he’s got to meet two of them? We feel for ya, poor guy.

The ‘Heart’ episode will also bring ‘The Glee Project’ secondary winner Samuel Larsen to the stage, and can we just say, it’s about freakin’ time! Damian McGinty — and even runner-up Lindsay Pearce — have had their fare share of screen time in Season 3, and we’re beyond anxious to see what the kid with the dreads can do on ‘Glee.’

In the special holiday episode, Will will have New Directions try their hand at the best love songs of all time, though we don’t yet know which songs will be featured. What we do know, however, is that we’re finally going to get to taste the brewing romance between Santana and Brittany. Naya Rivera spilled the beans in a recent red carpet interview, sharing that she and Heather Morris will bring some “very, very cute moments” (aka, make-out sesh) when Cupid comes around.

The ‘Glee’ V-Day special, ‘Heart,’ airs on Feb. 14.