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I don't  think there is anything more difficult to go through in life, than losing someone you love.

I happened to run across a business called Artful Ashes, that is trying to help grieving people with amazing glass art, created with the ashes of your loved one.

May people are cremated these days, and their ashes are placed in a container. But what about a beautiful, shining, piece of art, that reminds you of the beautiful person they were?

The company is based in the Seattle Texas area, but they can mail you a collection package to securely return your remaining ashes and your order. Each order is treated with care and respect, and the company follows strict tracking and production methods.

Artful Ashes/Facebook
Artful Ashes/Facebook

Owner Greg Dale:

"My inspirations for our amazing business are my Father and my Grandparents. The Green/Aqua/Purple/Gold and Clear/Gold/Silver hearts featured on our site were made with my Grandparents ashes… Maynard and Claudia Together Forever."

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