I'm guessing by now,  you've probably heard of the New York Times bestseller Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. I feel like everyone knows someone who knows someone who is raving about the book.

I have been working out at home lately and I was looking for something to listen to other than music to make my workouts go by faster. I downloaded Audible and decided to use my free book trial to listen to 'Girl Wash Your Face'. I really didn't have high expectations for the book and I didn't want to spend any money on it. A free copy of the audiobook sounded right up my alley...I just wanted to know what all of the hype was about.


I've seen a few people talking about it on Facebook--so naturally my curiosity was peaked. Even though I didn't feel as though I had anything in common with the people who were raving about the book, I decided I had nothing to lose. I've never been one to follow the masses as it pertains to book trends.

I started the audiobook yesterday and I have been obsessed with it. What's so appealing about this book is that it feels like it was written by me--a smallish town girl from central Minnesota. The author is extremely honest about her life experiences--to the point where she shares a story about how she shaves her toes. She's gone so far as to explain intimate details about her relationship and the struggles she's had to overcome.

She does this because she wants to establish with her readers that she's no different than they are. Rachel Hollis doesn't come from a famous family, she didn't gain success through working her connections. She didn't inherit an oil field. She got to where she is now by hard work and the understanding that the road to success is built with the skills she has always had--the same skills everyone already has.

I'm not totally finished with the book yet. I hope to finish it today. But, wow. It has been eye opening. The ideas she talks about are not new ideas or concepts. But, they're presented in a very real way that makes you understand that the difference between living and living to your full potential isn't as big of a mountain as you think.

Hollis recently canceled her book tour but she's scheduled to be in Minneapolis June 13-15. She'll be hosting RISE Weekend which is a motivational conference designed for women to come together and develop community. If you're a big fan of the author, Minnesota is a great place to be. Tickets haven't gone on sale yet and the official location hasn't been announced. Her website says more details will be released soon.


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