Girl Scouts Lakes and Pines is looking for volunteers who love to help young women become all they can be. Perhaps you've never thought about what an impact you can make on young lives...Well you can.

Volunteers are needed in our area. Many people think they have to be a mom to become a volunteer, but that's not the case. You could be a young lady who just wants to reach out and help girls discover something new. Perhaps you're a Grandmother or an Aunt....Perhaps your children are grown, and you remember how much the girl scout experience meant to you as a young woman.

Whatever the case, girl scouts would love have you. To learn more information about becoming a volunteer, and to learn the ways you can volunteer, contact Waite Park Regional Center at 320.252.2952 or visit online at www.girlscoutslp.org.


If you have daughters that are wanting to get involved in girl scouts, get involved now. Girl scouts are K through 12, and if someone you know is wanting to get involved, contact the Waite Park Regional Center, and they will get you in the right group for your location.

"I can't wait to plan and adventure and go, go, go....Discover something new with my crew...create my own masterpiece...make everybody say, "Whoa!" Be a Girl Scout."

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