Don't we all look forward to getting that big tax refund each year? Most of us look at it as a way to pay of high credit card debts, or maybe a great vacation savings plan. BUT! The reason you're getting that refund is simply because you're paying too much in for some reason.

Perhaps you filled out your w-4 wrong. Today I was reading some information from, and I learned that if I had just paid in less throughout the year, I could actually use that money when I need it, to maybe pay more bills...OR put it back.

Think about this.  IF you had a refund of $1200, that would be about $50 each month. If you actually invested that money and kept doing it for 30 years, you would have $36,000...But Wait!  Theres' more. Because of compound interest, you will probably end up with a lot more than that.

What about your 401K?  If your 401k or IRA made 6% a year, you'd actually end up with around $100,000 after 30 years. About 60 grand of it would come from the compound interest.

Advice?  If you're young, get on this now! Don't think that they money is going to fall out of the sky at 50....and don't assume that you'll never be 50, 60 , or 70.

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