Technical issues on our end today caused frustration for many trying to win this Friday's Dream Getaway -- making it difficult to collect codes. Here's what we're going to do:

First, were posting all of today's DG39 codes right here for you. Second we are extending the deadline to enter them by 24 hours -- leaving the entry deadline for 11/27 codes until midnight Wednesday night.


Dream Getaway Codes for Tuesday, November 27th

  • 7:20 AM:  Desk
  • 10:20 AM:  Apple
  • 1:20 PM:  Monkey
  • 5:20 PM:  Skate

Be sure to grab all of tomorrow's codes at 7:20 am, 10:20 am, 1:20 pm, and 5:20 pm -- and remember that Thursday's codes will be worth three entries each.

Thanks for sticking with us through today's technical difficulties, and 'knock on wood' for us as all things appear to be back up and running this afternoon.

You could become the 39th Central Minnesotan to win the trip of your dreams this Friday morning. Good luck!

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