My wife and I bought our first home back in April.

A quaint, 100-year old single-family home, we've loved the home's charm and appeal. The main floor had just been redone prior to moving in, so there was really very little need for immediate work and few surprises. The one real surprise was the discovery that one of our three trees behind the house is an apple tree!

It was actually our neighbors who informed us we had an apple tree, though the appearance of apples this summer made it impossible to miss. The apples are now ripe and prime for picking, leaving my wife and me with an abundance of them and naïve as to what to do with them!

Eager for suggestions, I took to Facebook to ask listeners for recipes and ideas:

"We make applesauce and home made apple juice," shared Katie Camara.

"You could start canning," Jessica Nierenhausen suggested. "Apple butter, apple pie filling, apple sauce - think or tradition, regular or cinnamon."

"Apple butter..." suggested Kelly Hanson, "the list is endless." Veronica had a rather interesting idea:

"We make applesauce and then dehydrate it to make fruit roll ups. You can have apple cinnamon fruit roll ups, or blend with frozen berries to make flavored fruit roll ups. Super delicious and no preservatives. Perfect for storing (if they last that long). Great for an on-the-go snack."

With no shortage of ideas, my wife and I could now use some recipes!

Whether apple roll-ups or applesauce, crisp or chips -- what's your favorite recipe for using fresh (honeycrisp) apples?

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