The kids are home today so why not take the opportunity to give them an education in the science of weather. I mean, it's an education that kids in Florida aren't going to get today. Plus, these experiments are as fun for adults as they are for kids.

  • Freeze bubbles--put on your coat, run into your garage and find those bubbles you last used over the summer...hopefully they're not frozen. Blow bubbles outside and they'll freeze before they reach the ground. Pro tip, you can make bubbles with dish soap if you don't have bubbles laying round.
  • Balloon tricks--I have a million of these laying around from birthday parties past. Blow up your balloon and then bring it outside...the air will deflate...but once you bring it back inside it will reinflate. Pretty cool!
  • Snow machine--Make your own snow by boiling water in a pot and then throw the water in the air outside. It'll turn into a powder. Just make sure the wind isn't blowing in your direction when you do it...
  • Make slushies--Get a two-liter of your favorite bubbly drink and put it in the snow for a few hours. When you finally go to drink it, it'll be just like a slushie! Don't wait too long though because in temperatures like the ones we're having...it could turn into a block of ice pretty fast.
  • Fry an egg--When I was a kid we tried this and it's creepy how it works. Put your pan outside for 30ish minutes...then bring it in and crack an egg on it. Watch what happens!

Film some of these science experiments and maybe you'll go viral! I mean, these are projects you can't do in warmer areas of the world. Have fun and enjoy your two days off from school!


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