Can you believe it is June already? Summer is here and there are some essentials that you will need throughout these next three months. Here is what you can get on sale based on a Consumer Reports study!

1. Sunblock - Unless you are going for the "sun roasted tomato" look, you're going to want sunscreen and a lot of it. In Minnesota we get hit double with the suns rays as well as the reflections they shoot onto us from the lake. Stock up on sunblock this month and save!

2. Wireless Speakers - This one doesn't seem like an essential until you use one. They are great for bringing up to the lake, having on the boat or just setting outside while you are grilling or doing yard work. Lucky for us they are cheaper than normal this month!

3. Weed Eaters - I am super upset that my boyfriend just bought one last weekend. If only we had waited one more week! The high and low end models are typically on sale in the month of June.

4. Roofing, siding and decking materials - Have you been thinking about giving your house a facelift? June is the month to do it! Typically the materials you need to get the job done go on sale!

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