Former KARE 11 reporter Aaron Adelson set off for a new adventure in Gainesville, Florida this week. Little did he know he'd have everything he ever owned taken from him.

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He packed up all of his belongings into a U-Haul and set out on his new venture. Adelson stopped for the night at a hotel in Macon, GA. That's when a thief stole his moving truck.

According to his Facebook page, the thief was caught on security footage stealing the truck around 1 a.m. Adelson says, "I woke up to finish my move off, and the U-Haul I rented was gone."

Not only did Adelson lose all of his belongings, he also lost his car that was being towed by the truck.

He now has to start completely from scratch in a new city. A Go Fund Me page was set up for Adelson by Adam Vance, to help him replace some of the things that were stolen.

Since being created a day ago, the Go Fund Me page has raised nearly $10,000. The goal was $3,000.

Adelson updated his Facebook page expressing his gratitude for those who've donated to him, "I cried happy tears this morning. I feel overwhelmed and extremely thankful for the support. The kindness of many says much more to me about humanity than the actions of whomever put me in this situation."

You can make a donation by visiting the Go Fund Me Page 'Aaron Adelson Get Back On His Feet Fund'.

There's no word on whether authorities have any leads on the missing U-Haul or vehicle.

Everything I own was stolen from a hotel parking lot in Macon, GA. I wish that was a joke.

I woke up to finish my move...

Posted by Aaron Adelson on Wednesday, December 9, 2020


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