Good grief!  I know that people are complaining about almost anything and everything right now, and the latest has been stores putting out all of the Halloween garb before school even started.  Everything should still be just Back to School, but here we are.

I was in Costco, and noticed that not only have they basically skipped Halloween and Thanksgiving, but they have moved right into the Christmas season.  Trees, ornaments, lawn decorations and more!

Yes, there are some Halloween costomes too for kids, and some candy that is Halloween themed, but it's mostly it's just Christmas.

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Christmas in July!  Ok, it's not quite as soon as July, but it seems like retailers have been pushing Christmas shopping earlier and earlier.

From CNN:

Could Christmas in summer become the norm?

“I expect an ever-growing holiday season is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future,” said Zak Stambor, senior retail & ecommerce analyst with Insider Intelligence. “That said, I do think there’s a limit as to how early the season can start as most shoppers don’t want to, and won’t, buy holiday items when they’re heading to the beach in the middle of summer.”

This trend has been moving earlier and earlier since the pandemic when it was pushed in October.  Now, it's straight up moving into the Summer.  Personally, I'm not buying Christmas stuff that early. I might buy a gift for someone if I see something that they would like, but that happens all year long.  As far as the decorations go... nope.  Not yet.

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