It's no secret that I hate being sick. I do my best to bathe in hand sanitizer whenever I touch something that I deem to be "Sketchy." There's absolutely no chance that I'll eat "suspect" food, and I don't care who I offend in the process.

When my fiance and I go out to eat, we feed each other's food phobias. If chicken looks under cooked or a little off, we will ask each other to evaluate it. Typically my fiance will advise me to not eat the food item in question.

According to a food-safety lawyer, there are a few food items that are more likely to give you food poisoning that others.

  • Precut fruits and vegetables--Next time someone brings a fruit or vege tray to work, I'd maybe avoid it unless they cut the food up themselves.
  • Oysters--The oceans are warming and this allows microbes to grow.
  • Sprouts--I love sprouts, it's an obsession. But, they've been the cause of more than 30 salmonella and e coli outbreaks in the last 20 years. If you average it out, it's like an outbreak every 1 1/2 times per year. That's enough to keep me away from them.
  • Rare meat--You should get your stake cooked medium well or at least cook it to 160 degrees. The more rare your meat, the greater chance of getting sick from e coli.

Now that you've read through this, you're probably horrified like I am. Hopefully this will make you think twice next time you're looking for snack or deciding how to order your steak and maybe it will save you from getting the food flu!

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