Portage Brewing in Walker, MN was destroyed in a fire Sunday, January 6.

It's been 10 days since Portage Brewing caught fire in the early morning hours of January 6. Photos posted online showed the extent of the destruction and a taproom basically beyond repair.

Since then, the Walker community and craft beer enthusiasts at large have rallied behind the beloved establishment. On Friday, January 11 a multi-purpose fundraiser event was held to not only mourn the loss of Portage Brewing but also raise $700 for the wildfire relief efforts in California. The next day, January 12 another fundraiser event was held at Chase on the Lake specifically for Portage Brewing.

Most recently, the brewery posted to their Facebook page to share that they've agreed to accept help through an online GoFundMe campaign set up on their behalf.

Coming from the Friends of Portage, comprised of locals, employees, and fans afar, this fund is designed to help us with our redesign efforts specifically. Extraneous design costs beyond what insurance is likely to cover, like architectural plans and further investments into the spaces of our dream facility, are areas they've offered to focus.

A goal of $25,000 has been set. Comments of support have come in along with financial contributions:

This place has always been a special gathering place for everyone in Walker and the surrounding area. It was the first place my wife and I went after we were married and has a special place in both of our hearts. - Brad

It’s a brewery that does so much more than produce great beers. Brings people together Good luck with the rebuild. - Anton

this is my second home ..... - Simon

Portage Brewing has also re-launched its online store to sell whatever merchandise was not destroyed in the fire.

For more updates from Portage as they move forward, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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