It might not seem like spring is that close with the weather forecast we've been having lately, but it is! In fact, graduation season is right around the corner.

Last year, graduation ceremonies across the country were either canceled or scaled back to look unlike any traditional ceremony before due to the pandemic. That's left many people wondering what big events like graduation and prom will look like this year.

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While there are still many unknowns, Foley High School has seemingly shared their graduation plans for 2021 on their social media account.

Posted by Foley Public Schools on Monday, February 22, 2021

According to their official Facebook page, the school is currently taking bids for photographers to capture their June 5th graduation ceremony that's being planned outdoors, weather permitting.

Just imagine how fun that's going to be--an actual graduation ceremony in the beautiful outdoors. This time last year, that seemed like a pipe dream.

The graduation photographer will be responsible for gathering candid shots throughout the ceremony as well as pictures of each individual student.

The high school estimates they'll need the photographer for roughly three hours. That's a pretty lengthy graduation ceremony, which is good news. That points to perhaps a more traditional event. But, again we're not sure what it will actually look like.

If you're interested in placing a bid to be one of the official graduation ceremony photographers you're asked to contact Sabine Lefebvre. You can email

#GoFalcons! And, congratulations to the graduating class of 2021!

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