The dating world. If you look like Angelina Jolie, or Magic Mike, you've got it made dating other beautiful people just like you.  But are you getting what you really want from that relationship? If you're all about looks and finding someone that matches your beauty, then there's no need to read  on. If you actually want to find someone that might make you happy beyond just the on. Why date someone that might not be on "YOUR HOT LIST":

  • They Try Harder.   If they can't get by on their looks, they might actually be able to carry a decent conversation and might be more creative with their date ideas.
  • Less Attractive People Are Usually More Interesting.  We're not trying to say that all beautiful people are boring...we're just saying that people who are considered less attractive typically develop other features that make them a good sense of humor.
  • Less Attractive People Are Less Likely To Cheat. They might run all over the place...but It's much easier to cheat if everyone you meet is hitting on you.
  • Less Attractive People Are better lovers.  That's what the studies show. Why? Maybe they try harder? They are probably their because they really really like you.
  • It Might Help You Realize What You Really Want. When someone is so over the top good looking, it's hard to focus on anything but that. When they are average, you pay more attention to their personality and find out which traits are most important to you.


Do you want a perfect 10? Or do you want someone that actually fits your lifestyle? If you couldn't see the person, and just had to base everything on their personality and how they made you feel, wouldn't that be more satisfying?  Food for thought.