I love doing radio because you get to be a jack of all trades and master of none. It keeps life interesting and always on your toes. If I wasn't doing radio, I often think about what job I'd want to do. There are so many cool jobs right here in central Minnesota. Here are just a few that I've always wanted to try!

1. Firework launcher. I want to be the person that lights the fireworks off the launch pad at Wilson Park on the Fourth of July. How cool would that be?!

2. Zamboni driver. I love St. Cloud State hockey and I think it would be so cool to drive the Zamboni at one of the games!

3. Bed and breakfast owner. There are so many historic homes on St. Cloud's east side. It would be so fun to run a bed and breakfast out of one of the Victorian mansions.

4. Parade organizer. I love Granite City Days--So, I think it would be so fun to be in charge of planning it all year long!

5. Airmaxx trampoline park. Need I explain more? How fun would it be to work around trampolines all day?!

Is there a local job you've always wanted to try? If so, what job is it?